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Colorado Civil Rights, Nursing Home & Elder Law Attorneys

We specialize in advocating for the rights of people. Our cases share a common goal of holding the powerful accountable for the victimization of those in their sway. We are passionately committed to fighting for the rights of those who are not always able to advocate for themselves. We are leaders in Colorado Nursing Home Law as well as Civil Rights and Discrimination Law.

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Our goal is to provide personal and involved representation to every client while we seek the results they deserve. Our office is a small litigation practice; we are a boutique, not a factory. We generally use a team approach to work on our cases so that each person's strengths are fully utlized. As a result, you will likely interact with each and every one of us during your case.


We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of elderly and disabled persons who have been abused or neglected in care facilities and individual plaintiffs in the vindication of their civil rights against the government and corporations who violate them, including employers. We engage in serious and sometimes very complex litigation, often involving governments and major corporations. Two of our lawsuits against nursing homes for scandalous care violations contributed to those facilities being closed.  We have also obtained a $30 million judgment against a Colorado nursing home, the largest such reported judgment in Colorado. See the Denver Post article “Facility to Pay $30 Million”.

When we decide to handle a case it is because we believe it is important. It is not just about money. The principle focus of our practice is on serious injustices and social wrongs. What we choose to work on is not so much limited by the precise kind of case as it is by the seriousness of the injustice.

We believe that the privilege of practicing law comes with the obligation to serve the interests of the public. We advocate for the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the laws of the United States and of the State of Colorado.